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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Ok Equality Center
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Because sexual health and reproductive freedom is important! And besides, everyone loves a safe-sex fashion show.

CONDOMANIA is the safest fashion show you’ll go to in Tulsa! 😉 The event features models presenting original fashions made out of condoms!

Through Condomania we tell our community that:
• Sexual health is an important part of overall health
• Sexual health should be discussed and promoted
• Our community will not be bullied into silence and shame around universal issues of sexuality and reproductive health.

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Winner of the 2021 Condom-Mania! Design by Angela Anderson.

Past Events

Little Blue Dinner held November 6, 2021

Condomania! Held online April 10, 2021

Little Blue Dinner held online October 24, 2020

Little Blue Dinner held November 2, 2019

Condomania! Held April 6, 2019

Little Blue Party dinner and fundraiser held October 20, 2018

Condomania! Held October 21, 2017.

Blue House Vintage dinner and fundraiser held November 2, 2016.