Special Events

There’s always a lot going on at the Little Blue House! But sometimes we go off-campus for some fundraising fun. Check here often to see what we’re up to!

Coming Up!

We are calling all artists and/or interested folks to design fashion accessories such as belts, purses, scarves, and jewelry OUT OF CONDOMS. That’s right-we’re going there. Because sexual health¬†and reproductive freedom is important! And besides, everyone loves a safe-sex fashion show.

Photos courtesy of CHOICES, Memphis Reproductive Health Services

Accessories can be made from wrapped or unwrapped condoms. We will supply each designer 200 condoms–any additional is the responsibility of the artist. (from experience we can tell you that unlubricated/raw work best).

Interested? Then you need more info! Click here to download the instructions on how to apply.

Want to SPONSOR the event? We have tables ready for purchase! Click here to download the sponsorship forms.

Just want to attend the party? We don’t blame you-it will be awesome.
When: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Where: Dennis R. Neill Equality Center
How: Tickets will be available soon!
Who: Condomaniacs like YOU!
Why: The Little Blue House needs funds and we thought–why not a party featuring condom fashions?

Past events:

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