About the Little Blue House

Our Mission

The Little Blue House fosters an interfaith voice for peace and social justice on The University of Tulsa campus.


Who is the Little Blue House?

The LBH is comprised of University of Tulsa students of all faiths and backgrounds — including those who are not sure if they have a faith. The LBH is a “ministry of inclusion,” meaning that we believe everyone is a child of God and that all are welcome — regardless of faith tradition, race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ability or background. We’re located at the literal “Little Blue House” at 2839 East 5th (at the corner of 5th and Evanston across from Chapman Hall on the TU campus). Mail, including check donations, may be mailed to us at: Little Blue House at TU, PO Box 14405, Tulsa, OK 74159.

What does the LBH do?

We are a peace and justice focused campus ministry which gives students a place to belong, encourages them to believe in something larger than themselves, and helps them gain the skills to build their communities and the community of Tulsa.

Student Organizations

The Little Blue House serves as a meeting space for several campus organizations, all of whom have individual goals and objectives, but also work together to help realize the common goals of compassion and justice.

Who supports the LBH?

We are supported by several local churches from a multitude of denominations, including Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Congregational (United Church of Christ), Unitarian Universalist, and Lutheran. Additionally, we receive financial support from individual donors. To contribute to LBHM, click the Donate button to the right. Thank you!

How do I find out more?

Join us each Wednesday of regular classes at noon for a free vegetarian lunch, or email our board at: president@lbhtulsa.org.