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How you can help
While our community is strong, our facility – literally, a little blue house! –  is now in need of some updates. Although we are located on the TU campus, we are not affiliated with TU and receive no funds from the University to underwrite our upkeep. Thus we are turning to you, our friends, neighbors, alumni, and progressive communities, for financial support.

By the end of summer 2018, we hope to modernize our electrical system, both allowing the Little Blue House to consume energy more efficiently and providing a safer physical environment for the many students we serve.

Renovations include:
-Update fuse circuit panel, $1,200
-Remove knob & tube wiring, $1,800
-Add new outlets, $450
-City permits, $1,000
-Repair drywall, $550
TOTAL: $5,000

Alumnus Spotlight! 

Scott Gove (left) with his partner, Isaac.


Hi all! My name is Scott Gove and I am Little Blue House alum. Having been born and raised in Tulsa, it only made sense to attend the great University of Tulsa (LOL). While at TU I received my BA in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies (one of the first to major in it) and then went on to receive my MA in Education at TU as well. While in college I was a Resident Assistant for many years, a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and held many board position with Pride and United Campus Ministries. From there, I went to work at the University of Idaho for two years overseeing university apartments and now currently work at the University of California Santa Barbara as Complex Coordinator of Family Student Housing. My partner, Isaac, and I love the Southern California beaches and passionate folks who strive to make the world a better place here. Down the road, we hope to adopt a child and buy a house after this position – truly the gay agenda.

Indeed, it really was the Blue House that prepared me for the work I do today by opening myself up to social justice dialogue & action, understanding what true acceptance means, and passionately loving one another.
With that being said, I passionately ask that you help support the Blue House through any contribution to continue a legacy of hospitality, growth, and love so TU students can have a little home for a little ragtag group of lovely individuals, changing the world one veggie lunch at a time.


At Little Blue House (formerly United Campus Ministry), we help students find a place to belong, encourage them to believe in something larger than themselves, and help them gain the leadership skills they need to build just and inclusive community in Tulsa and in the wider world.

The LBH is a “ministry of inclusion” meaning that we believe everyone is a child of God and all are welcome regardless of faith tradition, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, ability, or background. We also welcome those who identify as “spiritual but not religious,” and those who don’t identify religiously at all.

Join us for a free Veggie Lunch at noon each Wednesday of classes!