Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Diane Jessup
University of Tulsa
Perhaps because she was born in Southeast Asia, Diane Britton Jessup is an ardent advocate for other voices. Her passionate advocacy for gender rights led to a return to university studies, where she is the first cohort in The University of Tulsa’s new Bachelor’s to Master’s of Art Women’s and Gender Studies program. Also, for over a decade, Diane has worked at TU, where she is the office administrative assistant in New Students Programs and services under Student Affairs. Somehow, in the midst of all this, she was privileged to raise three kids, each a strong advocate for social justice.

Jennifer Airey
University of Tulsa
Jennifer Airey is Associate Professor of English at the University of Tulsa, and a member of TU’s Women’s and Gender Studies Governing Board. She is the author of The Politics of Rape: Sexual Atrocity, Propaganda Wars, and the Restoration Stage (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2012), and is currently at work on her second book, tentatively entitled Religion Around Mary Shelley. At TU, she teaches courses on subjects ranging from eighteenth-century British literature to women’s studies and popular culture. Jennifer believes deeply in the Blue House’s mission, and is honored to serve on the LBH Board of Directors.

Eric Procter
Bank of Oklahoma
Eric M. Procter, CPA, is a Corporate Audit Manager for BOK Financial, and joined the board as interim Treasurer in May 2015.  Prior to working at BOK Financial, he spent eight years in public accounting, with significant experience in the non-profit sector.  He has a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Accounting, and a Mathematics certification from The University of Tulsa.  Eric currently also serves as Treasurer/Secretary on the LXA Housing Corporation, and has previously served as Treasurer for H.O.P.E., Global Gardens, and Bit by Bit; a director on the board of INCOG’s Tulsa Area Clean Cities program; and as mayoral appointee and chair of the finance subcommittee on the Vision 2025 Sales Tax Oversight Committee.

Nicole Nascenzi
Immediate Past President
Nicole Nascenzi is an East Coast transplant to the Bible Belt. She credits the Blue House (known then as the Canterbury Center) for helping her adjust to life at the University of Tulsa. In addition to serving as an intern at the Blue House, Nicole was a tenant in the white house long before its renovation. She joined the board several years ago to give back and is a past board president. Nicole has worked in journalism, public relations and currently manages the digital strategy for a Tulsa-based energy infrastructure company. Her husband often assists with minor Blue House maintenance and her daughter loves any chance to attend Blue House meetings because of the high likelihood of cookies and glitter.


Sara N. Beam
University of Tulsa
Sara was raised in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma and, in the 1990s, was a competitive gymnast and then a gymnastics coach at Flame Gymnastics, in Fort Smith, AR. She graduated from Hendrix College in 2002 with a B.A. in English. After that, she moved to Tulsa and completed the TU English Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs in 2010. She is Applied Assistant Professor of English and Writing Program Director at TU. Her academic interests include teaching, written composition, women’s and gender studies, visual rhetoric, and childhood studies. Her scholarly work includes co-editing and writing sections of the 2015 book Children’s and YA Books in the College Classroom: Essays on Instructional Methods. In the Tulsa community, Sara is involved with the St. John’s Center for Spiritual Reformation and is a supporter of the Oklahoma Equality Center and Youth Services of Tulsa.

Kelsey Hancock
University of Tulsa
Kelsey Hancock graduated from The University of Tulsa in May 2016 with her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Prior to obtaining her graduate degree she received her undergraduate degree from TU and played volleyball for the Golden Hurricane from 2008-2011. After completing the first two years of her undergraduate degree the focus of her studies shifted from general psychology to, more specifically, sexual assault, PTSD, and nightmares. Currently, she serves the University of Tulsa community as the Program Coordinator for a recently acquired grant from the Office on Violence Against Women. Kelsey joined the board to give back to a community that gave her a home during her later years as a student at TU. She hopes to help the LBH continue offering this feeling of belonging to any and all students who find themselves at the Little Blue House.

Danielle Macdonald
University of Tulsa
Danielle Macdonald is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Tulsa. As an anthropological-archaeologist, she studies the transition from hunting-gathering lifeways to the origins of agriculture and directs archaeological excavations in the Middle East. As a recent Canadian transplant and an avid traveler, she is passionate about teaching students cultural diversity in the past and present. Danielle is strongly committed to social justice issues and is enthusiastic to be able to give back to the TU community as a member of the LBH board.

Michael Mills
University of Tulsa
For the past twenty-five years Michael Mills has held a variety of administrative management positions at The University of Tulsa, encompassing the areas of academic support services, student services administration and community and civic engagement. In his current position as Associate Dean for Community Relations, he coordinates a variety of neighborhood partnerships and initiatives focused on connecting the TU campus with the Tulsa community. He represents the University as a member of several community organizations and committees, including, the Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Task Force, Kendall Whittier Inc., and the Kendall-Whittier School Partner’s In Education team. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Kendall Whittier Main Street and Tulsa CARES and is on the advisory boards of Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative and Assistance League of Tulsa.

Sarah Morice Brubaker
Phillips Seminary
Sarah Morice Brubaker moved to Tulsa in 2009 to join the faculty of Phillips Theological Seminary, where she teaches theology.  She joined the LBH board in November 2014, after previously serving on the board of the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance.  She and her family attend Fellowship Congregational Church, and in her spare time she enjoys gardening, baking, and writing song parodies.

Tamara Piety
University of Tulsa-College of Law
Tamara R. Piety is the author of BRANDISHING THE FIRST AMENDMENT, as well as numerous articles and essays about commercial and corporate speech. Her most recent articles include “Why Personhood Matters,” in CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY and “The First Amendment and the Corporate Civil Rights Movement” in the JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY LAW. She has been a contributor to SCOTUSBLOG on the McCutcheon case and on CONCURRING OPINIONS’ post on the 5th Anniversary of the Citizens United decision and been given a number of interviews for print and broadcast media on the topic. In spring 2015 she was a Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School and a Visiting Scholar in Residence at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.