At the Little Blue House, we encourage students to believe in something bigger than themselves…

While the LBH is an interfaith organization supported by local Christian and Unitarian churches, we are not committed to evangelizing any particular creed or belief. We are invested instead in creating a space that encourages deep belief of all kinds and uplifts the values of grace, social justice, and compassion.

LBH’s ongoing faith-related programming includes collaborations with local churches, guest speakers, book studies, and discussion groups.

Student Organizations
Central to our community is the conviction to act on our beliefs. To this end, several student organizations meet at the Little Blue House. All are open to the TU community. Check out our calendar for meeting times and dates, and join us soon!


Head Strong
A student group to form community and address stigma around mental health through advocacy, awareness, and education. Alternating Thursdays at 8pm.

Earth Matters
Earth Matters started with the objective of making the TU community more aware of the human impact on the environment. Through discussions, field visits, films and civic involvement, we are increasing awareness about sustainability on the TU campus. Wednesdays at 8pm.

A group for Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual, and Allied individuals who come together for support, friendship, and campus events planning. In order to maintain openness, Pride holds confidentiality is up most important. Our meetings are strictly confidential, as are our membership lists and a person’s sexual orientation. We do not hand out information with out the consent of that person. Because we realize that not everyone is at the same place regarding their sexuality, we are especially welcoming to those who are in the process of coming out and also to those who are, in general, unsure of their sexuality. Thursdays at 9pm.

Society for Gender Equality
SGE is an open group for TU students advocating for gender equality. SGE recognizes not only the powerful influence of gender, but also class, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression on individuals’ lived experiences and life chances. We aim to foster a safe space to raise concerns, ask questions, and share our thoughts. Mondays at 8pm.

Partnership with Kendall-Whitter Food Pantry
Weekly food deliveries to neighborhood residents provide an opportunity for service and connection to the TU surrounding community.