At the Little Blue House, students find a place to belong

The LBH has a long history of supporting marginalized students at TU. As an interfaith organization, we are committed to the values of inclusivity and compassion, which includes valuing religious and spiritual expression of all kinds. At the LBH, we strive to uplift the voices of LGBTQQIA+ students, women, people of color, people of all socio-economic backgrounds, and those with disabilities.* The LBH works to provide a safe place for students to discover and express their identities, creating a social and supportive environment that is always safe but welcomes the discomfort that sometimes accompanies learning how to value each other’s differing insights and experiences.

Veggie Lunch
Join us at the Little Blue House for a free Veggie Lunch at noon each Wednesday of classes! Vegetarian meals and good conversation are provided free of charge at this gathering which is one of our longest-standing LBH traditions. In the spirit of hospitality, we serve ourselves and each other, compost, and do our own dishes. All are welcome!

veggie lunch
LGBTQ+ Support Group
In addition to hosting Pride meetings, the LBH hosts LGBTQ+ Support Group which meets at a confidential time. This group provides a safe and anonymous place to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity, family and religious pressure, coming out, exploring identity, and whatever else students bring to the conversation. Please contact Linda if you are interested in joining us and she will schedule a brief intake interview with you.

*While the LBH strives to be inclusive, our decades-old building provides challenges to this imperative. We are looking for support of our upcoming project to install an ADA accessible ramp at the Little Blue House. Please contact us if you can help us with this goal. We are working to increase the physical accessibility of our property and are committed to expanding this as we continue our renovations.